I forgot how fabulously wonderful it is to workout and move.  
To push yourself every day and actually feel improvement from one day to the next.  To go up your own stairs without getting winded! To sit in a chair and smash your leg against the seat just to see the dimples in your leg and butt slowly disappearing (don't deny it. We all do it). To wake up in the morning and see the changes in your body (that no one else can see because we women are delusional when it comes to body image).  

"Look honey! You don't see it?  When I turned my face this way yesterday it gave me a double chin and when I turn my face that same way today, there's one less chin!"

I am starting to sound like a workout-a-holic! Or a crazy person….

Don't get me wrong, having spine surgery and being forced to do nothing was amazing as well. I got to lay on the sofa, watch reruns of criminal minds, and eat all day long. It was incredible. I was so out of commission, I couldn't even carry my own purse!
Well, at least I tried to convince Bode of that.

But it all came crashing down when I actually had to start rehabbing. I couldn't breathe and the extra layers I had put on prevented me from actually doing a side bend!!!  
I had had enough of my laziness when I experienced the impingement of my side fat.

So that's where I am at now.  
Working out 2-3 times a day.
Getting my fitness and body back to being volleyball ready and drinking green stuff they call juice?  I don't know why I am smiling in that picture because that stuff is. absolutely. terrible.


Those of you who have read my blog through the years know that international travel for me usually leads to disastrous events, hair pulling and ultimately awesome stories.  So you can imagine that an international red eye with an 8 month old baby in the back of the plane struck a little panic in my brain.  I was convinced I would run out of diapers and food or end up walking off the plane, sleepless, with food in my hair and poop on my clothes followed by many scowling eyes from the sleepless, innocent passengers who were stuck next to me.  And that when I arrived in Munich, our bags wouldn't be there and I would have forgotten the stroller on the jet bridge due to delirium. 

I was sure of it! 

I'm sorry (due to the lack of a better story) to report that my flight was flawless! The airline had a bassinet that hooked up to the bulkhead.   Nathaniel slept the first 10 hours of the flight then woke up to eat 2 bottles full of food and passed out again.  No poopy diapers (which we payed for later on the drive and I did end up with some on my shirt. HA!) I had wifi so I got to text Bode a majority of the flight and make sure he was totally prepared with all of the necessities for a traveling wife and baby. I got airplane food which is a positive because I LOVE it. Our bags were the first ones off AND I even got flowers upon our arrival!
Hopefully our trip over here was an omen as to how the rest of the trip is going to go.  So far, so good.